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1st Floor, 109 Devonport Road

Cnr Devonport Road & Elizabeth Street
Tauranga Central


Phone: 07 579 5220

0800 faceandbeauty (0800 322 326)

Email: admin@faceandbeauty.com

Weekdays 8.30am - 4.00pm

Face & Beauty Academy is owned by New Zealand School of Tourism Ltd

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Face & Beauty


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Mission Statement

Face & Beauty Academy’s vision is to be a renowned

"Place of Excellence", where we are continually meeting and exceeding learner, employers and community needs and expectations.


The Face & Beauty Academy motto is

"Choose a career you will love for life"

We are committed to continually provide our learners with the latest authentic work skills, attitudes and confidence which fulfils both our learners’ expectations and our industry partner’s employment needs. 


Our learning environments are reflective of authentic workplaces and have been purposefully prepared so that these settings are engaging, enjoyable and responsive to learners at each stage of their development.

Organisational Values

Face and Beauty Academy believes in the following “CARING” values:



Appreciating and encouraging individual talents and interests; celebrating independent thinking and valuing individuality; differentiating and personalising the courses to create authentic learning and meet individual needs; offering variety and choice to encourage critical and creative thinking.


Valuing all areas of learning; recognising, valuing and integrating personal strengths and talents; acknowledgement of physical, academic, artistic and cultural achievement; meeting personal goals and challenges; meeting and exceeding expected levels of achievement; celebrating excellence.


Acting for the good of everyone; showing awareness, benefits and responsibilities as members of our community; developing social responsibility by respecting and valuing all opinions, celebrating difference; taking initiative; developing leadership qualities; taking responsibility for self; taking responsible risks, developing resilience and perseverance; awareness of sustainability; trusting students to make safe and sensible choices and for students to moderate their own behaviour to keep themselves safe.


Fostering a sense of community by focusing on student connection to the Academy and Tauranga Community; developing an appreciation of 'our place' - students involved in shaping and caring for the Academy and local environment; awareness and celebration of our history - including Tangata Whenua; building relationships and showing empathy for others.


Nurturing and celebrating students with special talents; Recognising that presence, participation and achievement are key aspects for success for all students, in particular those with special educational needs; appreciating and admiring diversity and having flexibility to personalise and recognize individualistic students; Granting students opportunities to be part of problem solving - students involved in problem solving opportunities learn highly valuable life skills.


Enjoying, Valuing and Appreciating (EVA) the learning opportunities provided; focussing on positive aspects; engaging and motivating students; encouraging and sharing our sense of humour with empathy; understanding appropriate boundaries; happy students learn well and happy tutors teach well. Recognised initiative and creativity that contributes to constant development.

What our students say
Amazing tutors, continuous support & excitement throughout the whole year.  I'll be back to study next year! Thank you F&B.

Sammy Ridley, Makeup Artistry, 2018

The absolute best I don't want to leave most supportive caring people ever..

Morgan Ann Molloy, Makeup Artistry, 2018

My year has been amazing at F&B everyone is so kind and the workload in my opinion has been the perfect amount.  Ruby is an outstanding tutor.

Martha Williams, Makeup Artistry, 2018

I cannot explain how incredible it has been, I am going ot be so sad to leave.  Thank you Ruby and F&B for being the best.

Eden Osterman, Makeup Artistry, 2018